by Hatchling

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released June 30, 2018

music, words & production by Simon Mahieu
mixing, mastering & additional production by Anton Clijmans
artwork by Saida Tilkin

Simon Mahieu - vocals, synths, sound design, programming, arrangement
Indira Paping - vocals, backing vocals
Saida Tilkin - backing vocals
Fien Descheemaeker - backing vocals
Gaëlle de Craene - backing vocals

thank you:
Tim 'Bear' Callebaut, Daimy Van Caudenberg, Io 'Bübbel' Cooman, Tobias De Win, Davy Habets, Diederik Van den Broeck, Roel Verscheure, Mara Deknudt, Anne-Sophie Ooghe, Marlies Van Wemmel, Kinky Star Ghent, our friends & families and all the other wonderful people who supported us throughout these years.

special thanks:
Roosje Strobbe, for all the hard work and great times.

© Hatchling 2018

Spread love, destroy hate. Eleqtrobats are go!


all rights reserved



Hatchling Belgium


Synthpunk threesome with a reputation for scorching, energetic (and borderline insane) live performances and a love for catchy, adrenaline-fueled pop, harsh synths and a tongue-in- cheek attitude. Hatchling proves you don’t need guitars to tear the place down. ... more

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Track Name: Alpha
I find my nerves wound tight and set to snap again

There is plasma pulsing in my core
It rips and splits my dried earth skin and then
Comes gushing, pushing through the cracks

Zenith through destruction
Embrace annihilation

I am Alpha
Misfit Omega

Raygun messiah

I am Alpha

I find myself halfway to Mars again

Shedding terran urge along the way
Scratching and clawing from between the hemispheres

Ascension ruptures, twists and burns

I am Alpha
Misfit Omega

Raygun messiah

I am Alpha
Track Name: Cosmic Dump
Discord drips onto the streets and while 

It sounds like honey, it tastes like bile

Hooks the bottomdwellers - it’s feeding time

Another happy meal, another grotesque lie

The leech patrol own the tv rights, got their
greedy little suckers boring into your mind

Distracting you from your worn-out knees
Devisive, derisive and heartless creeps

Bye Bye cosmic dump

I don’t want to stay here - beam me up
Bye Bye cosmic dump

I don’t want to stay here - beam me up

Strange lights beam down on your face and while

They burn your home you’ve no place to hide
It’s the end of time for your earthbound hive

Where’s your money now when you are sure to die?

Bye Bye cosmic dump

I don’t want to stay here - beam me up
Bye Bye cosmic dump

I don’t want to stay here - beam me up
Track Name: Eleqtrobats Are Go!
We know who you are and what destroys you
The high and mighty, sick and gross
You’re king of rats and pigs and vultures
We’re all just waiting for your fall

Destruction is creation
Eleqtrobats are go

You’ll know who we are when we destroy you

The oft’ forgotten, many and small

We are the gremlins in your clockwork
The world still aches for you to

Destruction is creation
Eleqtrobats are go
Track Name: Hysteresis
You let your skin confine you
You let your knife define you
Stubborn desire for love
You run into his arms
Away from the choice we gave you

You chose love, not glory
You chose to leave and ignore me
Bends you 'til you break, my love
He wants you to believe
That all of his lies are golden

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